First look on Social Media

This video by Clay Shirky was pretty interesting when he spoke about the transformed media. I usually find the videos by TED to be extremely interesting, but I tend to tune out when people start harping about politics. He really focused on how people tend to forget that innovation means “were all in this together”, however he really only spoke about china with this specific example. I thought it was pretty cool to know that our generation is the largest increase in expressive capability in human history, it’s good to get a confirmation of what our older folks are always telling us. He explained the media landscape how it started with the printing press, then the telegraph/telephone, then the recorded media, then finally radio, television. He actually has his own website where he studies the effect the internet has on society. Click his picture to visit it!

Click here to visit Clay’s site!

Another TED Talk video I found interesting is from:

Oliver Sacks: What Hallucination reveals about our mind.

Click here to check it out!

“Self Promotion The Social Way”

I can’t stand when writers or authors (people publishing anything on the web) post a blue hyperlink in the middle of their post under a word that you don’t know where the link goes. I guess it’s cool when you click it and then you have the “ahhh ha!” moment of why it is relative, but don’t have us click it to an online site of a book you wrote, mid-article. Don’t get me wrong social networking is IMPORTANT very IMPORTANT , but I just cannot wrap my mind around why it annoys me so much when people take it in overload. I understand what you post on Facebook you should probably feed to your twitter because they are the main medias people are following you on (right now) but what happens when “link-ness”, “find-me”, or “this is cool!” are the next “social” networks we have to link to. How many places do we have to post or re-post something to make it significant? I understand if your in advertising and I get the whole SELL YOURSELF (trust me I’m a senior graduating in May looking for a job) but when is it TOO much? and I can answer that question right now…NEVER you can never sell yourself or your idea enough until…oh IDK your as famous as Brad Pitt BUT even then you can’t stop because fads COME AND GO just like ideas, people and the latest “social” network.


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